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Your biggest health condition questions, answered.


6 Things New Parents Should Know About RSV in Young Children

Here are the symptoms to look out for—and how to stay safe.

Should You Postpone Your Flu Shot If You’re Feeling Sick?

An expert explains when it’s okay to get it—and when you’ll want to wait.

How an ‘Immunity Gap’ May Be Fueling the Recent Spike in Respiratory Illnesses

Certain viruses—from RSV to influenza—are surging, and hospitals are already feeling it.

Condition Spotlight

We rounded up all of the need-to-know SELF content around common health concerns, sourced from medical experts, editors, and real people living with the conditions. Look around, learn something, and let us know what you'd like to see more of.

My Way to Well: Migraine

This Is What Migraine Really Does to Your Life

Migraine doesn’t care what’s on your agenda.

6 People Who Get Migraine Attacks Share Self-Care Tips That Truly Help

Prioritizing your physical and mental well-being is essential.

Living With Migraine Made Me Feel Betrayed by My Body—Here’s How I Made Peace With It

Falling in love with a new form of exercise transformed how I view my disease.

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Randie Kim, MD, PhD
Skin Health
Lauren R. Natbony, MD
Neurological Health
Pritish Tosh, MD
Infectious Diseases
Biftu Mengesha, MD, MAS
Sexual And Reproductive Health
Sofia Noori, MD, MPH
Mental Health
Annabelle Santos Volgman, MD
Cardiovascular Health

Spotlight On: Diabetes Awareness Month

Wellness Influencers and Tech Bros Are Treating This Diabetes Device Like a Fun Trend

There’s no evidence that it’s helpful for people without the disease.

The Hidden Trauma of My Chronic Illness

How a childhood diagnosis haunted me for decades.

What Really Causes Type 2 Diabetes?

Misconceptions are rampant.
How to Use Vision, Hearing, Taste & More to Recognize Epilepsy
Derek Chong, MD, walks us through what epilepsy is and how it manifests through each of the five senses.

Let’s Talk Reproductive Health

6 People With MS Share How they Deal With Exhaustion During the Holidays

Stress can make symptoms worse—but you shouldn’t have to miss out on the festivities.

How Likely Is It That I Have Both Psoriasis and Eczema?

The symptoms overlap quite a bit—but an accurate diagnosis is crucial.

7 Ways to Show Up for a Friend Who Is Dealing With Infertility

Here’s what to say and do—and what to avoid—to be as supportive as possible.

13 RSV Symptoms in Babies All Caregivers Should Be Aware of Right Now

Plus, when to seek urgent care for a sick child.

Here's a Very Good Reason to Try to Avoid Getting COVID Twice

People are more likely to develop long COVID if they’re infected more than once.

How to Make Sure Your Migraines Don’t Totally Derail Your Holiday Plans

Because nothing brings down the festive vibes like hiding in a dark room in pain.

Should You Consider Switching From the Pill to an IUD or Implant?

A daily medication doesn’t work for everyone.

Here’s What the CDC’s New Opioid Guidelines Mean for Your Pain Management

Experts say the updated recommendations reflect the need for individualized, compassionate care.

Jonah Hill’s New Documentary Is an Actually Helpful Film About Mental Health

In Netflix’s Stutz, he works through body image issues, grief, and more with his therapist.

How to Talk to Your Kids About Your MS Diagnosis

Tips for having the conversation in an honest—and reassuring—way.

Yes, RSV Can Spread to Adults From Kids—Here’s Why That Matters Right Now

Some adults also face a high risk of serious symptoms, experts say.

TikTok Is Obsessed With 'Skin Barrier Repair'—Here's What You Should Know

This is one skin care trend dermatologists can get behind.

A Listeria Outbreak Linked to Deli Meats and Cheeses Is Making People Really Sick

It’s led to at least 13 hospitalizations, one death, and a pregnancy loss in six states so far.

Psychedelics Are Super Promising—But We Need to Talk About Their Possible Harms Too

As studies get bigger and the drugs become more accessible, researchers need to be honest about the potential adverse effects.

Why Do Strong Fragrances Make Me Feel Like Crap?

It’s a real thing and it’s called hyperosmia.

Here’s Why the Time Change Might Make You Feel Crappy All Week

The daylight saving switch can mess with your sleep—but a few small changes can help.

Christina Applegate Shares How Her Subtle MS Symptoms Eventually Worsened

A crew member for Dead to Me sometimes had to hold her legs so she could stand and film her scenes.

Are You Actually ‘So Busy,’ or Is It ‘Toxic Productivity’?

If you have a hard time taking a break, listen up.

How to Use Ventilation to Make Indoor Hangouts a Little Safer

It’s a set-it-and-forget-it way to lower your chances of getting COVID.

How to Be a Less Hangry Person

It’s not as simple as just snacking.

The Case for Throwing a ‘Fail-a-Bration’

Sharing your biggest flops can be surprisingly cathartic.