Here is the new official 4th Degree Uniform. This page is available for more information about the 4th Degree which will be posted when received.

Fourth Degree Exemplification Saturday, April 27, 2019

Please find attached the 2019 Sacramento Exemplification Packet for candidates. Under separate cover, we’ll be providing a 2019 Sacramento Exemplification Packet for members. Of importance to you are the first four (4) pages of this packet. You need to know that there is going to be a major paradigm shift in how we do things from this point going forward.

In the past, a candidate received a banquet ticket automatically whether he wanted it or not. No more will this be the situation. In reviewing the Form 4s that are submitted to an Assembly for review and signatures by the Worthy Navigator, Worthy Comptroller, Worthy Financial Secretary of the Candidate’s Council, Candidate, and Sponsor, the Navigator and Comptroller is to see if the candidate has requested a banquet ticket in a space toward the top of his submitted Form 4. If he does not indicate that he is attending the banquet, he will not be issued a banquet ticket at candidate registration.

And, with respects to Form 4s, the only acceptable version of the Form 4 is the one whose date in the very upper right hand corner of the first page says “4 12/14”. See sample Form 4 attached. All other obsolete Form 4s will be returned for resubmittal.

Your part as a District Deputy is to make sure that the Council’s Grand Knight, the candidate and the sponsor receive adequate instructions in the proper filling out of the Form 4, the becoming familiar with the events listing and other information in the packet as well as the importance of deciding whether or not they’ll be attending the banquet, and that the candidate’s Form 4 is submitted with a check for the Exemplification to the Assembly the candidate is joining and is NOT SENT directly to the District Master or myself as had happened in previous Exemplifications.

Fraternally yours, SK Ed Blake, District Secretary
4th Degree
1172 N. Hillview Dr.
Milpitas CA 95035-3307
Hm: 408-263-0247 ~ Mobile: 408-205-6651


Price Increases

Attention All Sir Knights:

It is with regret that we must announce that we’re going to have to raise the prices for both the Ladies Luncheon Event and the Banquet.

As we are preparing for the District’s twice a year audit, we have discovered that the District has been losing money at a horrible rate on meal services at hotel-based Exemplifications.

It is thereby imperative that we must raise the prices for both the Ladies Luncheon Event and the Banquet.

The following prices will be in effect for all Ladies Event and Banquet tickets purchased after March 31, 2019.:

Ladies Luncheon Event: $45.00
Banquet tickets for candidate’s spouses, guests, and members and their spouses and guests: $55.00
The Exemplification Packets will be adjusted according and a new packet sent out very soon.

We will honor the previous Ladies Luncheon Event and Banquet ticket charges up to and including March 31st. Those of you who have already sent in or will be mailing a Banquet/Ladies Luncheon form and the postmark is March 31st, or prior, we will honor your $45.00 per person payment for the banquet and $35.00 per person payment for the Ladies Luncheon Event.

Anything postmarked April 1st or later will have to have the increased meal charges reflected in your application.

We regret having to do this but we no longer have an option.


In the Exemplification Packet, there is an area titled “Attire”. In that area, we provide the guidelines to the proper attire to be worn by the candidates. In the line that begins with “Members of the Military……” , we failed to include the statement “and First Responders” can wear their Class A Uniform. This has been corrected and the Attire section now reads as follows:

Attire Candidates attire can be one of the following:

We apologize for that omission and it has been corrected. A shout out to SK Frank Donagher for calling this to my attention. A corrected Candidate packet is attached for distribution.

Hotel Reservations

Use the following link to register for your hotel room for the exemplification The special room rate for the Exemplification weekend is $94.00 a night plus tax. Rooms need to be booked by April 5th so don't delay.

Children at Holy Trinity School Teach Us About Veterans Day

On November 13th, the students at Holy Trinity School in El Dorado Hills invited Veterans to attend a special assembly to thank those who fought to protect our country. Here are some of the speeches that were read. After speaking with their teacher who arranged this event, she said this was an annual event, so if you are a history buff, a veteran or interested in our children's education, plan to attend. You won't be sorry.

4TH Degree Officers

For more information you can contact the following brothers:
Senior District Marshal Tim Fukuda

As the patriotic degree, you might want to consider praying the Patriotic Rosary, which is here as a PDF file.