Here is the new official 4th Degree Uniform. This page is available for more information about the 4th Degree which will be posted when received.

If You Haven't Done It, Do It Now

If you haven’t ordered updated Form 4s from Supreme, do it NOW!! The correct Form 4 has a date code in the upper right hand corner of the Form to the right of the “Printed in USA” logo that says 10/14. That is the date code for the English version of the Form. For the Spanish version, that date code is 7/11

These Forms are free of charge, your Assembly only pays for shipping.

What is a Callout?

There still seems to be some confusion on what is allowed to be worn at a callout as of July1, 2019.

These are just examples, the term callout has not changed, only what is allowed to be worn.

Here is what is allowed:

There is no reason, to not show-up at a brother knights funeral and provide him with honor and dignity he deserves.

There is no greater honor than standing guard at a brothers funeral.

The only real change is "No Cape, No Chapeaux, no sword without the new uniform".

Should a brother show up wishing to wear a Cape, Chapeaux and sword, he will be asked to leave it in the car and join wearing his Tux and gloves. No argument, and join his brothers, with the class of a catholic gentlemen.

I respect those gentlemen that made the decision not to purchase the new uniform, I would still encourage them to show their brothers the respect by standing guard or participating as a member, no different than those brothers that stood by those in Cape and Chapeaux years past.

If anyone has any questions, please contact me.

Thank You,

Ken Rose
Master Central CA District
St. Junipero Serra Province


Welcome a New Assembly to Our District

We proudly welcome our newest assembly Our Lady of Guadalupe #3803 headquartered at:
Cathedral of St Mary of the Assumption
1111 Gough St.
San Francisco CA 94109

Thank you to our Worthy District Master TW Starkweather for his leadership and guidance to make this assembly a reality. It is one of 45 of the assemblies in the Northern California District of the St. Junipero Province.

Children at Holy Trinity School Teach Us About Veterans Day

On November 13th, the students at Holy Trinity School in El Dorado Hills invited Veterans to attend a special assembly to thank those who fought to protect our country. Here are some of the speeches that were read. After speaking with their teacher who arranged this event, she said this was an annual event, so if you are a history buff, a veteran or interested in our children's education, plan to attend. You won't be sorry.

4TH Degree Officers

For more information you can contact the following brothers:
Senior District Marshal Tim Fukuda

As the patriotic degree, you might want to consider praying the Patriotic Rosary, which is here as a PDF file.