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If you have events in the Chapter and State areas, please submit the information to

Thank you to the councils who are posting their events with us. Due to this popularity you'll notice a change in this home page's layout to make it easier to find what you want.

Haiti180 Benefit Concert October 26th

Combine a Scout's service and the great food provided by our brother Knights and you are in for a great evening! Best of all the funds raised go to charity. Tickets are $10 per person or $50 for a family pack. More details about this event are available on the flyer. Other sources for information are: and

Chapter Meeting November 16th

Our next chapter meeting will be at . Check this list for future chapter meetings. Note: If you have not paid your chapter dues, check out the form here.

Retreat at Christ the King

A day retreat for Knights and their spouses will be November 23rd at Christ the King Retreat Center. More details are available on the center's website at:

Submit this flyer to register for the event.

Financial Beacon Life-Changing Events

Check out this document for long-term care, life insurance and final instructions advice.

State/Supreme News

Dear Brothers, we are proud to provide this great Evangelist and Fund Raising Program. We have the Cards in stock and are ready to ship. Please send your orders in as soon as possible. Let's make this our best year ever! Steve Sykes,

Follow this link to the Council Order Form and this link to the Public Brochure.

Chapter Soccer Challenge Oct. 27th

The Knights of Columbus Soccer Challenge Chapter level competition is designed for players to demonstrate the most basic soccer skill – the penalty kick. Open to all boys and girls in your community, ages 9-14, the "winners" from their "district level competition" advance to this "chapter level competition", where each player will be allowed 3 practice shots and then, 25 shots at the goal from the penalty line (12 yards from the goal).

Penalty Kick Requirements:

Ages 9, 10, and 11, use the #4 soccer ball and kick from the 10 yard line from the goal.

Ages 12, 13, and 14, use the #5 soccer ball and kick from the 12 yard line from the goal.

Each District Level winner must have their current Knights of Columbus Soccer Challenge Application/Score Sheet Form (4578) completed and signed, along with a copy of their birth certificate to verify their current age group. This years 2019 Northern Chapter Soccer Challenge competition is located at St. John the Baptist Parish in Folsom.

St. John the Baptist Parish Soccer Field (located across from the Parish Business Office in the back of the church)
307 Montrose Drive
Folsom, Ca. 95630 (map/directions)

Our 2019 Knights of Columbus Northern Chapter Soccer Challenge competition "host" is District #7, John Brennen, DD and Bishop Gallegos Council 6197, brother Dick Phelan, Grand Knight. Snacks and beverages will be provided by the "host" council.

Brother Dick Phelan will also need help and some volunteers from visiting councils and brother Knights to help with judging, score keepers and soccer ball retrievers.

Message to all Northern Chapter District Deputies and Grand Knights:

Please make sure that all of your paperwork is completed and signed. Don't forget to make "copies" before you send the "original" application form (4578) along with the copy of their "birth certificates" to the following address:

Richard B. Phelan(06197)
333 Montrose Drive #B
Folsom, Ca. 95630

2019 Knights of Columbus Northern Chapter Soccer Challenge Competition Schedule:

10:00am - Registration and Check-in all age groups 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, and 14, boys and girls

* Practice starts after your "registration" and/or "check-in" process

10:45am: - Welcome and Opening Prayer Northern Chapter President

- Review of Soccer Challenge Rules Chapter Soccer Coordinator

11:00am - Age group 9 year old, boys and girls
11:30am - Age group 10 year old, boys and girls
12:00pm - Age group 11 year old, boys and girls
12:30pm - Age group 12 year old, boys and girls
1:00pm - Age group 13 year old, boys and girls
1:30pm - Age group 14 year old, boys and girls
2:00pm - Awards Presentation by our Northern Chapter President and Chapter Soccer Coordinator by age groups, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, and 14

"Winners" from the 2019 Knights of Columbus Chapter competition advance to the 2019 Northern State Soccer Challenge competition in at St. Patrick-St. Vincent High School in Vallejo!

Our 2019 Northern State Soccer Challenge competition is scheduled for Sunday, November 10, 2019 at the following location. "Registration and check-in" starts at 10:00 am and the "competition" starts at 11:00 am.

St. Vincent - St. Patrick High School 1500 Benicia Road Vallejo, Ca. 94590" (map/directions)

CONTACT: Northern State Soccer Challenge Coordinator: Brother Bill Manos (13672) (916)813-8864 or

Knight For Life

The Sacramento Life Center is holding their annual Gala November 2nd, 2019, a "Knight for Life", honoring the Knights of Columbus to raise funds for the free pregnancy services and related health care. Cost for tickets is $130 per person (this is a Knight's rate). More details on their flyer and their website at:

Wheelchair Initiative

Plan some funds in your council to support our Wheelchair Initiative. More details available in the flyer here.

137th Supreme Convention: The World Cried Out. We Answered

At the 137th Supreme Convention in Minneapolis, we celebrated:

We also awarded our program winners and top recruiters at convention. Check out their stories in this month's Knightline for exclusive insights on helping Knights answer the call.

State Poster Contest Competitions

Here is the Keep Christ in Christmas Handbook

Keep Christ in Christmas poster contest participation form
Keep Christ in Christmas poster contest entry form

Here is the Substance Abuse Handbook
More details to be posted when they become available.

Help Support the Columbian Retirement Home

A few months ago, I called on you, and all California grand knights, to consider a Council donation to this year’s Columbian Retirement Home Appeal. If your Council is among those councils that have already responded, I thank you. If not, I respectfully again ask for you to lead your Council in supporting this Brother Helping Brother mission.

In my earlier appeal to you, I stressed our increased financial need, driven by decreasing revenue from the Corporation’s small investment portfolio, increasing operating costs, and continued rental subsidies. Now, our finances face even further strain as we are looking at the requirement to replace the heating and air conditioning system at our Columbian Center in Marysville.

Having served us for over 30 years, and as a convent for religious for many prior years, this HVAC system is now over 60 years old, inefficient, increasingly unsupportable and costlier with each year. This requirement to install a serviceable HVAC system at Marysville will yield additional cost savings long term, and we are assessing even more savings through future electrical service changes, but achieving these long-term savings come with up-front cost.

As I reported to you in my April letter, we have already taken what actions we can to minimize our current operating costs, thereby increasing funds available for direct support of those we serve. Among those actions we reduced postal costs this year by more than 80% by not sending individual letters to all 78,000 California knights, instead appealing to them through you, as their Council leader, to generate needed support.

This is why I am repeating my appeal to you to consider designating the Columbian Retirement Home Inc. as a one of the recipients of funds planned for charitable support in 2019. If your current budget will not allow, then I ask that you add an additional event to your 2019 program dedicated to fund such a Council donation.

Finally, please accept my heartfelt gratitude for your kind consideration in assisting us in our Mission. I look forward to receiving your donation of support, which you can mail to: Columbian Retirement Home Inc., P.O. Box 4338, El Monte, Ca 91734-0438.

Fraternally yours, Ross W. Willour, PSD
230 8th St.
Marysville, CA 95901
(530) 743-7542

Executive Vice President
Victor L. Pesce, PCP

David E. Williams, FDD

Your 2019-2020 Toolkit

Plan to bookmark the July issue of Knightline to help you have the most successful year ever!

State Advocate Guidance Paper

Worthy District Deputies, Grand Knights, Chapter Presidents, District Mentors, District Masters, Brothers All…Attached please find a Guidance Paper for your implementation.

Recently a Financial Secretary asked if the Chaplain of a Council or a Faithful Friar of an Assembly must be a Priest. The answer is YES. Apparently, there are over 40 Councils and Assemblies who indicate that their respective Chaplain/Faithful Friar is one other than a Priest.

Please read the Guidance Paper very closely and ensure that you have listed a Priest as your Chaplain on your Form 185.

Worthy District Masters TW, Ken and Ray…this applies to the Faithful Friar for your respective Assemblies as well.

This guidance paper has been approved by our State Chaplain Fr. John Cantwell.

Please contact me if you have any questions regarding this matter.

Rene Trevino
State Advocate

Ceremonials Information

Worthy Chapter President, District Mentor, and District Deputy,

I note there is a problem with the changes we made in Ceremonials this year. So I would like to clarify some things that were stated at the Organizational District Deputy Meeting.

1. All requests for Knighthood and Formation Degrees, should be sent to the District Mentor and Chapter President for coordination and approval. They will send it to me for assignment of Conferring Officers or access to Formation Degree Team material from Supreme.

2. The email to use for these requests is

3. Remind all Degree Teams that the use of the Baldric is the preferred uniform for all degrees.

Any questions, please read the Membership Handbook for the Ceremonials section; then contact your District Mentor and Chapter President and then me.

Timothy L. Carvalho, PSD
State Ceremonials Chairman

Protecting Our Children: A Family's Response

I invite you to watch “Protecting Our Children: A Family’s Response,” the story of one family’s experience with child sex abuse and the hope and healing that followed. In this film, a brother Knight and his wife share the importance of faith and family in addressing the sexual abuse of their son by a close family friend. You will feel the pain of what they describe, but you will be glad that you met this family. Their hope is that all who hear their story will be equipped with the critical knowledge and specific steps needed to better protect the children in their lives. My hope is that this film will bring families, parishes and communities closer together to protect children from the serious risk of sexual abuse.


Carl A. Anderson
Supreme Knight

1,000 Ultrasounds:
The KofC’s Greatest Humanitarian Effort WATCH VIDEO

Millions of babies have had a chance at life, thanks to 1,000 ultrasound machines donated by you and your brother Knights around the world.

Congratulations to our Knights in Manassas, Va., where the 1,000th machine was just dedicated! Read about the dedication here.

At the dedication, Supreme Knight Carl Anderson said that the Knights of Columbus Ultrasound Initiative is the greatest humanitarian effort the organization has ever undertaken.

“Today represents a very concrete way in which millions of lives are changed for the better by the Catholic community coming together and volunteering together,” said Anderson. “What greater legacy can a person have than to save a child’s life?”

As hundreds of thousands gather in Washington, D.C., to pay witness to the Culture of Life, check out the video below and share our pride in the Knights of Columbus Ultrasound program!


You can further support the pro-life cause by contributing to the Knights of Columbus Charities Culture of Life Fund. Click here to donate.


Reach Prospects Electronically!

Worthy Brothers,

Online Membership is allowing us to reach younger men where they are:  on their cell phones, tablets, and computers.  Statewide, over 250 men have joined the Order online so far this Columbian Year.  However, many other men have expressed interest in learning more about the Knights but were not quite ready to pay the $30 dues and join Online.

Now we have a tool to utilize that will automatically invite a Prospect to join Online and send him weekly messages about the Knights of Columbus.  Supreme is offering us automated, online marketing software called “Marketo”.  Each Council can request a Lead Generation Program for use at special events, conferences, and in-person prospecting opportunities.  Think of it as aDigital Prospect Card that will automatically send a weekly informational email to men who sign up!  Go to  The page request form automatically sends your Membership Team an email with all the information they need to create the program.  In 2-4 days, the council receives a custom URL, available on any device, and the Lead Generation Program is ready to use.

When you use the link above, you will see this simple page:

Once your Council receives its Lead Generation Program, the page that a Prospect will complete asks only for First Name, Last Name, and Email.  You will need to use your laptop, pad, or Smart Phone to allow Prospects to sign up.  (Note: It is NOT intended to be sent out via email directly to Prospects.)

Once form is filled out, a prospect immediately receives a customized email from Council with link to join the Knights of Columbus online: 

The prospect is also enrolled in a nurture drip-email campaign, and will receive additional information weekly.

Finally, the Council receives a copy of all contacts enrolled via their custom “Marketo” form.

Then, bring a laptop, pad, or smart phone to all of your Council’s Faith In Action events and have one of your Brother Knights help men use your Council’s Digital Prospect Card.

Keep in mind that you should continue to offer the “You Were Born A Man, You Become A Knight” Online Membership card (Form #10536) to men when you are not using the Digital Prospect Card to sign them up via an electronic device.

Remember the December Challenge:  “Become A Knight Before Christmas.” (or at least by New Year’s Day)  Each Council was challenged to bring in one more Brother by 12/31/18.  Give your Council a Christmas present:  bring in a new Brother!

Please forward this message to any Brother Knight who may choose to use it to help build your Council. 

Yours in Service,

Michael Brault
California State Membership Director


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